Obama administration plans to overhaul appliance electrical standards

The administration will release new guidelines on how manufacturers and appliance makers should operate the electrical grid and establish rules for the electrical industry.

The Department of Energy will also conduct a public comment process to help guide the implementation of the guidelines.

President Barack Obama will announce the final rules for electric grid regulations in the coming weeks, the White House announced Wednesday.

In his order, the president plans to establish the National Electric Reliability and Capacity Improvement Board to oversee implementation of new rules on electric grid standards.

It is expected that the NERCB will have the authority to enforce the existing grid standards, including grid-wide reliability and grid-scale electricity demand.

The White House said that it has already received over 300,000 comments on the NECB’s rules.

“The rules will also help ensure that all Americans have the right to safe, reliable and affordable electricity,” the White Street Journal reported.

“While we still need to finalize the rules, they are important steps toward ensuring that the electric grid remains in a safe, healthy and sustainable condition.”