When you think you’re safe, think again: Australian police say they can’t get you to leave the house

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says an increasing number of Australians are putting their own safety at risk by turning up at home without their phones and tablets.

The Bureau said it had recorded more than 1.4 million calls from Australians who had turned up without their smartphones and tablets since October.

In a blogpost on Monday, the bureau said more than 2.4 per cent of calls were made without a valid phone number.

It said this figure was up from 2.1 per cent in October, while the number of calls without a number was up to 1.8 per cent.

It said the rise was caused by a number of factors including the use of personal mobile devices such as smart phones and other tablets.

A total of 1.2 million people in Australia turned up for work without a mobile phone, compared with the previous month.

The bureau said the number had fallen to 1 per cent last month.

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