How to use the ‘Plug-in’ option to save on electric bills

The electric utility is giving customers a new option to cut their electricity bills by plugging in an electric appliance, but the electric appliance is still an appliance.

Customers can now buy an electric home appliance called the “plug-in,” which has a low-power, battery-operated system that runs on batteries.

The appliance costs about $100, but many customers are already taking advantage of the service.

The electric appliances can be used to run their appliances or to power the home.

But they can also be used for other purposes.

“The plug-in appliance is a great way to save money on electricity bills,” said David McDonough, vice-president of business development and sales for the Dominion Power company, in an interview.

“You can install a plug-up on your existing system and save on your electricity bill, even if you don’t have a lot of other energy sources to run the appliance.”

Dominion Power said customers can order the appliance online, in stores, through the utility or in the mail.

“When we first started offering the plug-ups, customers were saying, ‘I just need an electric outlet and I don’t know how to use it,'” McDonaugh said.

The plug-ins, which are made by a company called Smart Plug-ins Canada, are available at electric retailers such as Best Buy, Walgreens and Home Depot.

“It’s an easy way to go to a place and have your appliance plugged in and start a whole new life,” said McDonugh.

But McDonaught said the service is still a relatively new product.

“We’ve had a couple of plug- in models in the past, but this one is really new,” he said.

Customers will have to purchase the appliance at the retail outlet and then plug it in at home.

Dominion Power customers can buy the plug in appliance at any Dominion Power outlet, but it is the first appliance to be available online.

The “plug in” appliance, which costs about half as much as the electric home appliances, has a lower power output and has a limited range.

Dominion has not provided any figures on how many electric appliances the appliance can be charged from, but McDonogh said customers who purchase the plug add an extra $60 to their monthly electric bill.

But the plug has been popular among consumers who are already plugged into the electricity grid.

“A lot of people are excited about this plug- ins, and they are finding they can use it to charge the devices that they have on the electric grid,” McDonigh said.

Dominion’s McDonohes said the plug adds another option for customers who are looking to cut the electricity bill and save money.

“This is something that is going to give us more flexibility to bring more efficiency and lower costs to our customers, and to our consumers,” he explained.

Dominion says the “electric plug” is available in 25 markets across Canada, and customers can choose between three models: the “classic” plug, which uses the same battery and has the same range as the appliance, and the “power” model, which adds more energy to the home, McDonoy said.

Some customers have taken to the service to charge their “power plug” appliances, while others have used the appliance to charge batteries and solar panels.

Dominion told CBC News it is working with the manufacturer to ensure customers can continue using the plug.

McDonight said he has been contacted by people who are using the appliance for the first time and are impressed with how much energy it can save.

“I’ve had people come in and say, ‘You know what, I’ve never been a fan of the plug, but I can’t wait to use this appliance,'” he said, adding that many people are taking advantage.

“But there are some people who say they’re going to be a little hesitant to use [the appliance], because they don’t understand how much of an advantage it is for them.”

Dominion is offering the “charge-back” service, which allows customers to pay for the energy used to power their appliances, but Dominion says they are not going to charge customers who don’t want to pay the additional cost.

Dominion said customers will be able to pay an additional $15 per month to the retailer that delivered the appliance.

The Dominion Power “plug plug–in” is currently available in Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories.