Which electric appliances are worth the price of a new refrigerator?

New York Magazine’s Jeff Smith has a list of the most expensive appliances in 2017, and the list doesn’t stop there.

He breaks down the list, along with their price points, in this piece.

“In 2017, some of the priciest electric cookers, from the $600-plus price of the KitchenAid Stand mixer to the $1,100 price of Philips Hue, had to be purchased in bulk,” Smith writes.

Smith also notes that there are some notable exceptions to the list.

The Nest Cam 2, a $1.99/month subscription-only smart thermostat, came with a “nest-like” design that lets you customize the temperature of your home to match the seasons, with a 10-hour battery life.

You can also get the $199 Nest Cam 3, which comes with a wireless charging system.

The Nest Cam 4, another $1/month service, lets you set a thermostatic timer, a digital calendar, and an alarm clock.

A new $5/month Nest Cam 5, a Nest Cam 6, and a Nest Nest Cam 7 all come with smart home monitoring.

And the $30 Nest Cam 8 is a full-size thermostatically controlled fridge, freezer, and dishwasher.

Here’s the full list: