Why electricity-hungry people are buying electric leeds

Wired’s Emily Levsky and Ryan Soto report that, over the past year, electric leggings have taken over the electrical appliance market.

The leggies, with their long, flexible cables, have been a hot item for people with allergies or who need an extra layer of insulation.

While electric legging is still mostly a niche product, Levski and Soto note that there’s enough interest in the leggie to push its popularity up to $200 a pop.

Leggings can be purchased in bulk for under $50, but they are still a popular purchase for many.

The new electric leggies, however, aren’t made in the U.S. or in China.

Instead, they’re made in China, where Levskys reports that “the technology is closer to what you’d find in the West than to the Chinese.

But in the end, it comes down to how you’re going to sell it.”