Senate votes to block Trump’s order on electric utilities

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., said she voted against the GOP-backed bill because it would force states to use their own power plants and increase energy costs.

“We’re going to use our own power and it’s not going to be subsidized by anybody,” Murray said on the Senate floor on Tuesday.

“The Republicans are going to have to do this themselves.

They’re not going back to their states.

They are going back home to their governors, to their mayors.”

The legislation was introduced by Sen. Joe Manchin, D, W.

Va., who chairs the Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Murray, who is also a member of the Senate Finance Committee, voted against her own bill in February.

The Republican-controlled Senate is expected to pass the measure Tuesday.

Murray said she believes the legislation would force utilities to use electricity produced from coal-fired power plants, which use carbon dioxide emissions to heat their power plants.

“We want to encourage and incentivize our states to get out of coal,” Murray, an avid environmentalist, said in a statement.

“But it’s also true that we also need the flexibility to get the power that we need to meet our energy needs.”

Murray’s bill is one of the first to push back against President Donald Trump’s move to repeal Obama-era regulations, which include a cap on carbon emissions from new and existing power plants across the country.

Trump announced last week that he would reverse the regulations and allow utilities to emit carbon dioxide.

The bill has already drawn opposition from utilities, including the Electric Reliability Council of America, which said in February that it would oppose the bill because “it would force utility-run plants to use coal power.”

Energy and Environmental News Service contributed to this report.