How to make sure your electrical appliances work correctly

A company is recalling a range of electrical appliances because the components may be leaking oil.

Swansea Power has recalled the models of the Swansea and Swansea 2.0, a popular electric appliances that can be connected to gas and electric power lines.

The company says it has notified owners and is testing the affected products.

The affected products were manufactured between January and March, but some units have been delivered since mid-March, according to the company.

Swanssea Power is advising customers to check the electrical circuit board for oil or grease before installing or disconnecting the appliance, and to wash the appliance thoroughly before use.

It is also advising customers not to disconnect appliances that are connected to a residential power line, or that are on a non-electrical outlet.

Swanson’s spokesman, Steve Turner, told Reuters the company has identified three models of electrical appliance, one of which was manufactured between Jan. 1 and March 1, 2017.

Swanssea has recalled about 4.2 million Swansea products.

Swamispower spokesman, Kevin Smith, said the company believes the problem stems from a defect in the component on the outside of the unit.

He said the issue affects a number of electrical products that are sold by Swansea Power, including the Swan-powered Swansea 1.0 and the Swanwater 2.5, and the other two models of electric appliances.

Smith said Swansea was working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and other safety agencies to determine whether the defect has been repaired.

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