When you need to keep your home warm, consider electric huddles

Huddersfields electric appliance retailer Electric Home Appliances says it has recalled over 10,000 Houdini H-Series home appliances after reports of problems with a faulty connector.

The company says it is working with authorities and is providing free replacement parts.

It says the recall affects the H-series H-16, H-20, H60, H65 and H100 electric huts, as well as the H80 and H90 electric hutch.

It is the latest in a string of recalls over the last few months involving Houdinis products.

Huddersford, Middlesex, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Northamptonshire, Suffolk and Surrey have all been affected.

The BBC has contacted the company for comment.

The recall covers over 5,000 electric H-10, H40, H50, H80, H90, H100, H150 and H180 electric hutt and H60 electric hut models.

The problem can be triggered by any of the following:Electrical problems with the hutch’s internal electrical wiring, including faulty wiring between the hut’s wiring harness and the outlet box.

Houdini has since confirmed that the problem is with its new H-110 and H-130 electric hudges, and has replaced the huts with a new hutch assembly.

Hudhys latest product line, the H100 series, has also been affected by the recall.

The new H100 models will include an external power connector, replacing the standard hutch with a “Smart” plug.

The H100 and H150 models will be recalled on the same day as the other models.

Hundens new product line is the H60 series.