Why Tesla Motors’ Tesla Model 3 should get its first official test drive

Tesla Motors announced on Wednesday that it will test the electric Model 3 in California, where the state is testing a battery of more than 4,000 EVs.

Tesla said the first test drive will be in the state’s northern Mojave Desert, which is home to the largest lithium-ion battery in the world.

“We will test a Tesla Model S sedan and Model X SUV in the Mojave desert for the first time on January 27,” the company said.

The first test will take place in the desert between Reno and Las Vegas.

Tesla’s test site is in the Nevada desert, where it operates its Nevada Test Site.

Tesla also announced Wednesday that Tesla is partnering with the American Association of Automotive Engineers to conduct tests at its Fremont factory in the San Francisco Bay Area, which also houses its Gigafactory.

Tesla has also partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy to conduct testing at its Gigavolt battery manufacturing plant in South Carolina.

Tesla announced Wednesday it will launch its Model 3 sedan in California in 2019.

Tesla says the Model 3 is “a fully electric sedan with the ability to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a fraction of the time it takes today’s Model S.”

It will also have a range of 220 miles on a single charge.

Tesla plans to release its Model S car next year, and it plans to launch its first two models, the Model X and the Model S 60, in 2021.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Wednesday the Model 2 was the first car ever to offer full autonomy and a range that exceeded 300 miles.

“But the Model III is different,” Musk said.

“It is going to be the first production vehicle to offer self-driving capabilities.”