How to keep your electric appliances safe from electrical fires

There are ways to protect your electric appliance from a fire.

You can also buy fireproofing for your home, if you want.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said Thursday that it has issued new regulations for electric appliances, but some homeowners are still using older models that do not meet the new standards.

The CPSC says it has been working with manufacturers to improve their electrical safety.

The agency says it wants to see new models that meet the standards.

Some older models do not have the proper connectors, which could cause electrical fires.

The U.K. has said that the country needs to make changes to its electric appliance industry to prevent the fires that can be caused by faulty or faulty-rated appliances.

A spokesman for the country’s electric appliance sector said it will work with the CPSC to ensure that all electric appliances are certified to meet the latest standards, Reuters reported.