University electric appliances sell on Amazon for more than $1,000

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — The University of Buenos Aires has sold its first electric appliance, a $1.5 million “urban water heater” for less than $800.

The university said it received a request from a customer to purchase an appliance, which is currently being sold for about $1 a week on

The order comes on the heels of Amazon’s $1 billion acquisition of appliance brand Clik and the university’s decision to sell off its remaining assets, including its electrical appliances.

“We are delighted to announce that the University of Argentina has sold our first ever electric appliance to Amazon for less and less than the original price,” University President María Angelique Murguia said in a statement.

“This is an important milestone for our university.”

The appliance, named a Koolaid, is made of two halves of a heavy gauge steel bar and measures about 20 feet tall.

It has an 80-watt fan and is powered by two batteries.

The KoolAid is a single-purpose appliance that can be used as a bathroom heater, a laundry detergent dispenser, or as an air conditioner, according to the university.

It is one of several university electrical appliances that Amazon has bought, including the Kool Aid, which it purchased for $5 million.

The appliance is being sold to customers in Argentina and Brazil.