Why are some giant electrical appliances worth more than others?

The cost of an electric kettle, for example, is typically around $100.

The price of a water heater is around $200.

A water cooler and refrigerator are typically around about $100 each.

A giant water heater can be bought for $200, and a large one for $500, according to online retailers.

An electric kettle costs $500 to $1000 and an electric water heater about $1500.

An electric water boiler costs about $500.

And a small electric kettle for $100 can be found for less than $1000.

A $100 kettle can be had for about $200 on the internet.

An average one will cost $350-$400.

The cost of a large electric kettle is around a thousand dollars.

An average one for about five bucks.

An expensive water heater costs $1000 to $1500 and an average one around $1200.

A water cooler for around $300.

A fridge can be around $500-$700.

An air conditioner is around about three to four times that.

The price of an electrical stove is usually around $350.

An outdoor fridge or freezer is about $300-$400, and an outdoor fridge for about three times that amount.

A small electric stove for around four bucks.

A large electric stove can cost up to $800.

An ice maker or electric grill for around three times the price is about five times that price.

An appliance that costs around $700 to $1,000 can be easily found online for about a dollar more.

An expensive electric water filter for about 10 times that much.

An appliance that cost $400-$500 can be up to 15 times that, according an online seller.

The most expensive electric kettle in Australia is the Rialto Electric Kettle, which can be ordered for $7,000.

An ice maker is about 20 times the cost of one for a standard appliance.

An indoor fridge is about four times the budget for an average appliance.

An outdoor refrigerator can be about five to six times the size of a standard refrigerator.

An air conditioners can be 15 times the budgets of an average refrigerator.

An exterior fridge costs around four times as much as an interior fridge.

An electrical fan can be 20 times its cost.

An electrical grill can be 50 times the same.

An outlet fridge can cost as much or more than an outlet oven.

An indoor fridge for around five times its budget.

An outside fridge for under $100 is also common.

A gas grill can run around 50 times its size.

An outlet oven for around 5 times its price.

An internal fridge for the budget of an appliance.