Electric appliance shop sells a bunch of ‘crossgate’ batteries to pay for electrical appliances

Electric appliance repairmen in Dubai have made a whole lot of money selling crossgates to pay the bills for their electrical appliances.

They also use the money to pay off debts.

The company that sells these batteries, Electro-Motive, is a joint venture between Philips and the Abu Dhabi government, but they’re also selling them to other companies in the UAE, like Ameda, a car dealership chain that supplies cars to the UAE.

They’ve even built a whole shop where they sell them to people in Dubai for around $200 apiece.

The batteries are sold under a brand name called Crossgate, and Electro-Motors sells them under another brand, Electric Power Supply.

The idea is that it gives the consumer a choice, a choice of what they want, which they’re more likely to buy.

And the consumer is more likely than not to be interested in the battery, which is cheaper than the other alternatives.

So it’s not really a choice they’re really going to be making.

It’s really just about getting the consumer to buy the battery.

There’s actually a huge advantage to this.

The battery has a much lower price tag.

It costs around $100.

If you want one of these things, you can buy it for $60, which might seem like a big deal to you, but it’s actually just $10 less than the price of a similar product at a store in the US.

So this actually is a big saving.

This is a huge saving for the consumer.

And you get to choose.

And that’s something we want to do in our country, as well.

There are many, many things that we’re interested in that are cheaper.

And if you’re able to sell them at a lower price than what a store might be charging, then you can have a much larger margin on the consumer’s side.

So we think it’s a very exciting opportunity.

And it’s an opportunity that we want all of our citizens to take advantage of.