General Electric Appliances is to pay $25 billion in additional penalties over battery fires

General Electric is paying $25.3 billion to resolve battery fires that led to over 2,000 fires across the United States and more than 600 deaths.

The company’s board agreed to pay more than $24 billion for the fires in 2017 alone, according to a settlement announced Friday.

The penalty covers $25 million for the three fires and $3 billion for another 2,800 fires in the next four years.

The U.S. Department of Justice has also agreed to seek $9 billion from the company for a battery fires investigation and $8.5 billion for a lawsuit against the company, which caused the fires.

General Electric will also pay an additional $5.3 million to settle a civil rights lawsuit.

The company will also agree to a $25-million civil penalty for an employee who filed a claim of discrimination in connection with the fires, the company said.

The fires led to nearly 600 deaths and nearly 800 injuries, and resulted in $9.8 billion in damages, according the settlement.

In addition, General Electric said it will pay an $8 billion penalty to the U.N. for failing to protect people from the fires and the costs associated with it.