Tesco says it will be closing its Coles stores in Britain

Tesco has confirmed it will close its Coleseo stores in the UK in a move aimed at reducing the number of outlets in the country.

The supermarket giant has announced it will take all its Colesseo stores out of business over the next 12 months, following a series of high-profile cases of illness among staff and customers.

Staff at the stores have been sick for at least a year, with some people having suffered respiratory illnesses, gastro-intestinal problems, skin problems and even seizures.

In the US, the chain is already having a tough time of it, with health experts calling for increased scrutiny of its supply chains.

The retailer said it was following its business strategy, which was designed to meet customers’ evolving needs, as well as maintaining a “healthy environment” for its staff and staff in the community.

“This means we have made the tough decision to close our Coles Coles, as a family owned business, and continue to build a sustainable future for the future,” Tesco chief executive Colin Brodie said.

“With a small number of people working on our supply chain, we recognise the importance of our employees and are committed to ensuring that everyone is well cared for and treated fairly.”

We are committed, in our approach, to delivering a great service to our customers, and this will be reflected in our new retail strategy which is designed to make a difference to the lives of people in the local communities.

“Coles is a part of Tesco and we are proud to be part of the Coles family.”

Tesco has also announced that it will cut staff numbers in other major retailers, including Marks & Spencer and JB Hi-Fi.

It said it would reduce its workforce in the US and in the European Union, while it will also be looking to bring down its workforce by around 10% globally.

It also said it will sell off its Colesso store in Coles.

The chain has already had to lay off staff across its retail and food services departments since it closed its stores in November 2016.

Tesco also announced it would cut more than 10,000 jobs worldwide, including more than 9,000 in the United States, while cutting another 9,800 jobs globally.

Last year, it closed a number of stores in Europe, where its stores are now the largest retailers in Europe.