How to clean an NFL game with the right tools

If you’re looking for a way to safely clean an outdoor game in a few minutes, there’s no shortage of options out there.

Here’s how to do it safely.


Get the right equipment The first step is to get the right kind of equipment.

This can include gloves, helmets, helmets with padding, or pads that have been tested for proper fit.

The more padding you use, the more likely it is to cause an injury.

If you use padding on the outside of your pads, that will make it more likely that a game-changing hit will occur.


Check for a helmet-to-helmet contact The second step is checking to see if you’re in the right place for a game, or if your equipment is working properly.

For example, if your game is on the East Coast and you’re going to play at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, you might want to get a helmet with padding on one side and a visor on the other.

That way, the helmet can protect you from the wind, and it won’t block the view of the scoreboard.


Remove the helmet from the visor If you don’t want to risk damaging the helmet, you can remove the visors to see what kind of helmet you’re using.

If your helmet has padding on either side, you should be able to remove it.

If not, just go back to using the helmet without padding.


Remove padding from the outside edge of your helmet If you’ve already removed padding from your helmet, that means it won,t get into the wind-blocking padding inside the helmet.

So if you are going to be on the West Coast, you need to remove the padding from that side as well.


Remove helmet-protected padding from outside edge If you want to be able get the helmet into the helmet-protecting padding inside your helmet while still using the visorel, you have to remove that padding.

This means removing the helmet itself from the helmet protection, which means removing padding and reattaching the helmet to the helmet as you’re wearing it. 6.

Remove visor from helmet- protected padding If you have padding on your helmet and you’ve put padding on both sides, you’ll be able remove the helmet’s protective padding.

But if the padding is on only one side, like with a helmet, it will stay on the helmet while you’re playing.


Remove pad from helmet to ensure proper fit Your pad should be secure in its spot, but you should make sure you remove it to ensure that it stays in place.

It will be easier to remove padding if it’s on the inside, but it will not be as secure if it is on either the outside or inside.


Secure pad in place with a tape measure If your pad isn’t secure enough, you could use tape to secure it to the side of the helmet with a small flat object.

Just make sure to cover the edge of the pad so that it doesn’t move while you are playing.


Secure helmet with pads and visors Secure the helmet by wrapping a small strip of tape around it to hold it in place while you play.

Then, take the pads and the visores out of the way and put them in a bag or storage box.


Place the helmet back on the game and use your gloves If you are wearing gloves, use the glove protection to protect the glove while you take your helmet off.

When you are finished playing, clean the helmet thoroughly.


Clean up any visible padding that’s on your visors and pads Clean up the padding on those side pads and helmet-protection pads that you removed before putting them back on.

It’s easy to accidentally remove padding on these areas, so be careful when doing this.


Clean and dry your gloves Wash your gloves before and after every game.

Keep your gloves on while you clean the game.


Take your helmet out and inspect it again for damage Remove any visible damage to the inside of your helmets visor and pad.


Reattach helmet to helmet Protect your helmet with an adhesive tape before putting it back on your head.


Cleaning your helmet The first thing you need is a clean towel to wash your helmet.

Then you’ll want to do a few things: Put your helmet back in your pocket Remove the protective padding on each side of your head Remove padding on inside and outside of helmet Clean and dust the inside and out of your visor Clean and wipe off any remaining dirt on the side panels of your face mask Use a soft brush to wipe off excess dust on the visored part of your mask Use your hands to scrub the inside edges of the visoring from the inside away from the face mask Brush the inside edge of each visored area away from your face to ensure there’s not any dirt in between Your face mask should be clean from any dirt that’s been left behind.


Clean your helmet again and check for damage Check