Amazon says it will no longer sell Chigo electrical devices

Amazon announced today that it will stop selling Chigo electric appliances.

The decision comes as the electronics maker seeks to scale back on its expansion of its home automation business, amid the company’s ongoing regulatory issues.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told investors that the decision was a result of the company seeing the chigo products as “a competitor that has been too dominant for us.”

The decision was made as the company seeks to roll out the Amazon Echo Dot, its Alexa voice assistant.

Chigo has been a fixture in Amazon’s lineup of products, but its popularity has dropped off.

Amazon has been under fire from some customers over the years over the quality of its products.

Some have called the company a pyramid scheme, while others have argued that the company is not paying enough for the product.

The company’s recent sales slump is a result in part of Amazon’s recent regulatory woes.

The online retailer faces regulatory scrutiny over its business practices, including its failure to properly track sales of its Echo devices and the sale of a variety of home automation devices.

The retailer also faces legal challenges from customers over its use of its Kindle digital books as a service, including the case that challenges whether the company can use the Kindle e-reader as a “primary” source of revenue.