Electric Appliances: You need to know the latest to keep your house safe

The electric appliance market is booming, and it’s no surprise.

The number of electric appliances sold in the U.S. is up 25% since last year, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

The U.K. is the second largest market, with sales of 4,700 new electric appliances a month, up from 2,500 a month in 2016.

But while the U.”s market has seen record sales for the past few years, the U”s electric appliance industry is in a unique position, according in a report from eMarketer.

The market for electric appliances is not limited to homes, eMarketers said.

The report found that the U “s market is the fastest-growing electric appliance segment in the world.

This is because the majority of the new electric appliance orders were for the first time in 2017.”

That means the market is expected to continue to grow at a faster rate than other segments, like automobiles, due to the surge in demand for electric vehicles and other alternative fuel vehicles.

Electric appliances are the most popular appliance in the home, and they are often overlooked when it comes to energy efficiency and home automation.

A recent survey by the UBS Investment Research Group found that nearly half of U.N. homes have some form of smart lighting in their home.

According to the survey, only about 15% of households have access to an electric outlet and more than 10% of homes don’t have a smart thermostat.

There are plenty of smart home products available to help you manage your home, but they can be costly.

Many smart home systems rely on smart sensors to detect when an energy source is low and to turn off the heating or air conditioning system when that energy source returns.

Smart appliances can also work as a battery backup to help save energy when you need it most.

Smart homes are also more expensive than traditional appliances.

The EIA found that an electric appliance with a smart control can cost about $5,000 to $7,000, which is about half of the average electric appliance purchase price.

But the most affordable option is an electric-powered garage door opener, which typically costs less than $400.