Telstra has announced plans to expand its business in Israel

Telstra announced on Thursday that it will open a new manufacturing facility in Tel Aviv and add over 500 jobs.

The Tel Aviv-based telco said the expansion will support its Tel Aviv headquarters and will provide a platform for new products and services.

Telstra will be the first telco to have an industrial manufacturing facility based in Tel and will build a new 1.4 million square metre facility.

The expansion will allow Telstra to employ over 700 people in Tel-Aviv and will allow the company to increase its presence in the Israeli market.

Telra has been struggling to attract the Israeli-based consumer in the face of a global market dominated by US-based companies.

TeliaSonera is one of the US tech giants that have launched factories in Israel, including one in Tel Aviv, but is not the only one.

The Israeli company said last year that it was looking to move its factory to Tel Aviv.