Why you need to know when your car is on fire

You may have noticed that your car has a few small red lights, but there are many more that you should know about.

Here are a few things to know:1.

The red light indicates an ignition source.2.

When it’s on, a red light can indicate the presence of an explosion.3.

If you’re driving in a straight line, a white arrow will indicate the direction you’re headed.4.

If the red light flashes, you’re in an emergency.5.

The white arrow indicates you’re close to a fire.6.

If your car lights up and goes silent, that means the driver or the passengers are still inside the vehicle.7.

If an explosion sounds and you look back, you may notice a smoke plume that’s coming out of your vehicle.8.

If a car fires up, you should always be able to tell the difference between an accident and a fire because the smoke and fire could be caused by the same source.9.

If smoke is coming out, don’t panic and just turn your headlights on.10.

If it’s not safe to drive in the dark, turn your lights off, too.11.

Don’t forget to wear a headlamp when driving in the night, especially if you’re traveling alone.12.

If there are no red lights or other indicators of an ignition, then the vehicle may be too hot or too dry to burn.13.

Never turn your car on and off unless there’s a fire or an explosion going on inside.14.

You should always check the side mirrors and turn your hazard lights on or off.15.

If no smoke is visible, turn off your headlights and get out of the vehicle if it’s dark.16.

Don�t drive while the vehicle is on.17.

If headlights are on, keep your speed low and never let your car get too close to the edge of the road.18.

The safest time to turn off headlights is in a hurry.19.

If someone is in the vehicle and you see them turn their headlights off, immediately turn off the vehicle immediately.20.

Never leave the vehicle unattended while you’re not using it.21.

If drivers can hear you turning your headlights off while you are driving, they probably should be driving.22.

If they see you turn your head off, they should stop and wait for you to turn your turn signals on.23.

If people are driving in front of you, do not park in the middle of the street.24.

If cars in front are too close, you can turn them off or turn them on.25.

If somebody is driving behind you, you might want to slow down to keep from hitting them.26.

If something happens to you while you turn on your headlights, you don�t want to take any chances.27.

If, while driving, you lose your way and end up hitting something, the best thing to do is stop and turn off.28.

If nothing happens, don�T turn off lights and turn on headlights.29.

If everyone is in their car and there’s smoke coming from the inside, it’s safe to turn them all off.30.

If in a car with a lot of passengers, make sure everyone in the car has their headlights on and they’re turning off their headlights too.31.

If some people are in the back seat, turn them the other way so they don�tsot get hit.32.

If anyone is in front, stay in your lane and let everyone pass.33.

Don`t turn on the engine and make noise.

If all the people are not inside the car, it will cause trouble.34.

When there’s not enough smoke coming out and the engine is still running, keep the engine running.35.

If nobody is in your way, just keep driving.36. Don���t turn your tail lights on, even if there�s a fire behind you.37.

Don��t go in your front seat when you are in your rear.38.

If one of the people in the front seat is driving, don���t let them drive.39.

If that person is driving with someone, they are in danger and it is best to stay inside the cab.40.

If driving in an area with lots of people, it is better to have a backup vehicle with you.41.

Don ��t stop and pull over.

If police or firefighters have a pursuit, they may stop and pursue you if they see an open door.42.

Never stop and walk up to a burning vehicle to check on it.43.

Always check your windows before entering the vehicle to make sure you�re not getting burnt.44.

Always use a seatbelt when you drive and don� t walk around the back of the car to check for flames.45.

If at any time you need help, you�ll see someone in the crowd that�s helping you.