How to keep a house electric and cool during a hurricane

A hurricane could be devastating for homes, but electric fans and fans made from wood could help keep them warm and keep them running during a disaster.

(Published Friday, Sept. 19, 2018)The Florida Keys home insulation company said Thursday it has teamed up with electric fan appliance maker Bancroft and appliance manufacturer Electric Fan to develop a fan system that can be used in homes during an emergency.

“We are in the business of saving lives and we know that if we can make it safe and efficient to get rid of that, it’s worth the effort,” said Jason Bancrot, vice president of marketing and communications at BancropTek, which produces the fans.

The system uses a fan blade that has an electric motor that pushes air through a hose and down into a hole.

A hole is cut in the fan blade to allow for a fan to be plugged into the power line.

Bancron said fans are used to keep electrical outlets running during power outages.

Electric Fan said its fan blades can run for up to eight hours on the electricity in the home.

That’s up to six hours during a severe storm.

BicropTak’s fans can run 24 hours a day, but can be run 24-hour-a-day in cold weather, which is why they’re being used during a storm.

“In a hurricane, the amount of power that comes out of the utility is very minimal,” said Kevin Hines, vice chairman of the Florida Keys Electricity Commission.

“The utility, the electric company, they can be down for days at a time.”

A hurricane, which usually happens in the wintertime, could bring a power outage to the region, he said.

A hurricane can cause power outage during the summertime, but the Florida Power & Gas Authority says it can quickly restore power to homes.

The utility said power out of homes could last for weeks.

“The more electricity that comes into your home, the more it can take to restore,” said Hines.

The Florida Power Commission has set up an online help center for homeowners with questions.

The agency has also offered a free battery-operated solar generator to homeowners who want to get off the grid.